Every session is personalized to the individual. We begin each sessions with a breath meditation to relax and prepare the body and mind for receiving Reiki. I use a variety of aromatherapy and crystals as well.

One Hour Session – $125

For those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey. People who are looking for alternative healing modalities to work in conjunction with western medicine will benefit from a personal visit.

Description: 1 hour Table Session. May consist of a brief review on stress points the client is experiencing. Table Treatments may include Reiki, Energy clearing and balancing, Ayurvedic head massage, Reiki Cranial Fascia, which releases any stagnation within the nervous system and refreshes the cranial and spinal rhythm thus enhancing the immunity system and creating peacefulness within the mind and body.

One Hour Distance Healing Session – $125

For clients that would like assistance in self care or to support their loved ones.

Description: 1-hour Distant Healing Session consists of an energetic clearing of the energy field followed by an energetic report, including fields such as the energetic field, chakras, meridians etc.

Quick Distance Reiki Blessing – $45

For established clients that need an extra boost in their day or to send to a loved one.

Description: A phone call with a quick chat (limited to 15 minutes) to establish intentions for the blessing. Blessing sent while on the phone together.

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